Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Mayor of Turubarres - Hope for the Future!

A few weeks ago we attended the inauguration of the new mayor of Turubarres county: Alcalde Ingeniero Bolivar Monge Granados of the center-right political party Partido de Liberacion Nacional (PLN). The ceremony took place in the church of San Pablo, and all of the newly elected members of the Municipal government attended, presenting a number of inspiring speeches to the townspeople. Most notable of the speakers The President of the Municipality, Victor Mora, is a long-time friend of AmaTierra, and many of you may know him as the famous tour guide of Carara National Park. Over the past year that he has been President of the Municipality, we have worked with him to begin strengthening environmental action in Turubarres. Under his guidance, the municipality now collects trash around town with a truck once every 2 weeks, and we continue to pursue dialogue with them on how to incorporate a recycling program into the municipal waste management system. This has been a battle that the AmaTierra Foundation continues to fight, and we are hopeful that the new mayor will help support our efforts in establishing a sustainable long-term solution to waste management and recycling in Turubarres.

Last week, the new mayor (Bolivar Monge Granados), the President of the Municipality (Victor Mora), the First Vice Mayor, and the Second Vice Mayor (many of you know him as Beto, one of the drivers for AmaTierra) all joined us for dinner on the balcony, where we were able to discuss ideas for the recycling project. They were all on board to support a group of local women who aim to take on recycling as a private business with municipal support, creating a recycling center just outside of San Pablo, and committing to sorting the recycled trash from the central park. While this project moves forward, the AmaTierra Foundation has offered to support the women's salaries for the first three months while they get things up and running. From there, the recycling program will be up and running, with the municipality taking on the role as benefactor until the recycling itself can generate a sustainable income.

We are grateful for the reinvigorated support of the municipality, and look forward to helping this group of motivated women make recycling a realistic and sustainable project for Turubarres county and its residents.


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