Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yoga Expo Costa Rica 2011

This year, Costa Rica's annual Yoga Expo was a great success! Bringing together the Central Valley's yoga studios, retreat centers from the Pacific coasts, yoga-inspired clothing designers, alternative medicine professionals, delicious vegetarian and ethnic foods, jewelry designers and local artisans, the old Customs House in downtown San Jose hosted this wonderful yoga event in its unique brick and stained glass structure. 50+ vendor booths lined the inside of the building, coming together at the center stage, where we watched yoga clothing fashion shows, a belly dancing showcase, partner acro-yoga and a beautiful kirtan performance by Marianela of Yoga Lamat in Curridabat and drummer Carlos "Tapado" of Malpais and Editus fame. It was great to see Tapado in this intimate setting, and we were happy to reminisce about his private performance with Manuel Obregon at AmaTierra 2 years prior.

On Saturday, Krishna Das performed an incredible Kirtan show, and the turnout was amazing! The weekend featured yoga classes, spiritual workshops and guided meditations. Jill, Bob and Tara all attended the Yoga Expo on Sunday, sharing brochures with fellow yogis, tasting strange and delicious culinary concoctions, like sweet-potato ice cream (they also had beet and avocado!), molasses bliss balls, homemade pesto and Indian curry empanadas, trying on fun, flow-ey yoga clothes, and feeling a part of the Costa Rican yoga scene. After five years here in the yoga biz, it's been such a learning experience to get to know the local yoga culture, meet its pioneers and join in as part of the community. AmaTierra is a member of AsoYoga, Costa Rica's yoga association, and it was fun to mingle with the other members who had booths at the Expo, and who welcomed us with open arms. When we attend events like the Yoga Expo each year, we are reminded of what a special country we live in. The vibrancy of Costa Rican culture continues to impress us in all of its nuanced ways, and we are so proud to be a part of it for over five years now.

For more photos and video of the Kirtan and acro-yoga performances, visit our facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/amatierra#!/amatierra


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