Friday, February 18, 2011

Marietta Pucillo's Yoga Retreat at AmaTierra

Harley-riding Marietta Pucillo and her Milwaukee-based yoga students came to AmaTierra for an action- and adventure-packed 5-night yoga retreat, February 5-10, 2011. We were so amazed by their go-get 'em attitude, with daily double sessions of strenuous yoga taught by Marietta and Paige, plus excursions to the Adventure Park and Playa Jaco for the zip line canopy tour and kick-butt surf lessons. They were loving the food each night at dinner, and with good reason - this group had a jam-packed itinerary of yoga and Costa Rican adventure at its best, sure to work up a serious appetite!

Tara took one of Marietta's evening classes and came back saying "that was the gnarliest class I've ever taken!" Marietta's famous arm balances, martial arts-inspired vinyasas and extra-challenging binds were incredible, bringing the essence of "pretzel" back into the yoga experience. On Super Bowl Sunday, the football-loving yogis payed a visit to San Pablo's Coco Bongo bar to watch and celebrate the Green Bay victory, and from what we heard, it was a great party. Thanks for all of your energy, guys. We can't wait to have you back next time!


  1. What a great group, I am so lucky to have been there for both their relaxation as well as the wonderfully energetic party on Superbowl Sunday. Thanks for the great memories guys!

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